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An Emacs interface to GPG and PGP
Mailcrypt is an Emacs lisp package that provides a simple but
powerful interface to cryptographic functions for mail and news.
With Mailcrypt, encryption becomes a seamlessly integrated part of
mail and news handling. Mailcrypt can automatically fetch public
keys to encode, decode, and verify messages; can be configured to
automate mailing through anonymous remailers; and can interface to
both GPG (the GNU Privacy Guard) and PGP.
Although Mailcrypt may be used to process data in arbitrary Emacs
buffers, it is most useful in conjunction with other Emacs packages
for handling mail and news. Mailcrypt has specialized support for
Rmail, VM, MH-E, Mew, and Gnus.
XEmacs ships with its own version of Mailcrypt, so this package
should only be used with GNU Emacs. (I.e., you don't need to install
this package if you only use XEmacs.)
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